Bike Seats Are A BUMmer

Today was “BIKE” day. I rode five miles and met up with a crap ton of hills. It never seems hilly around here until you’re on a bike. Now if feels like I live in the Swiss Alps. Alas, I'm truly making a mountain out of a mole hill in this case. I do live… Continue reading Bike Seats Are A BUMmer

My Journey to Better Health

I am now 27 months out from the birth of baby boy number three.  It's been a whirlwind between having a baby, caring for my other two boys (with my husband's help of course), keeping up with family obligations, and still managing business responsibilities.  My father-n-law passed away four months after Logan was born so I took on quite a… Continue reading My Journey to Better Health

Grandmother Grace’s Old Time Fudge

There are so many delicious recipes that pop up around the holidays that go into hibernation until the following December! With Valentines Day coming up, I'm just now getting to some of those recipes I didn't have time to make for last Christmas. This fudge recipe comes from my grandmother Grace. I can't tell you… Continue reading Grandmother Grace’s Old Time Fudge

Baby + Menopause = I ain’t got no brain

I am not alone when saying that during pregnancy I felt like I was playing both parts of Dumb and Dumber.  The journey is real.  Cognitive problems like trouble focusing and remembering things, confusion, reading difficulties, and forgetfulness were common place for me, especially this last time around.  This phenomenon has been rightfully called "baby… Continue reading Baby + Menopause = I ain’t got no brain

BBQ Ribs with Mac and Cheese

Riley’s favorite thing that I cook is BBQ ribs.  I mean he LOVES them and eats them for dinner, lunch, dinner, lunch as long as they last so I always make two slabs.   Another of Riley’s favorites is, brace yourself, macaroni and cheese.  Shocking isn’t it?  Ha!  I don’t know a seven year old who… Continue reading BBQ Ribs with Mac and Cheese

Making the “Nice” List?

Oh my goodness I am momming so hard right now. This is my seven-year-old son, Riley.  He is absolutely beautiful.  Although I do foresee waxing in his future. I mean, seriously? Those eyebrows are a-maz-ing! His eye lashes are about a mile long and, as you can see, he has gorgeous hazel eyes, but be… Continue reading Making the “Nice” List?

Captain Climber Gets a Bed

My two year old, Logan, is an expert climber. The saying, "where there's a will, there's a way" is his M.O. especially if food is involved. There isn't a pantry shelf around that will stand between him and a pack of fruit chews. He is also proficient at navigating bar stools, desk chairs, desks and… Continue reading Captain Climber Gets a Bed