Brownies and the Big One

It’s a rainy evening and baseball practice is cancelled. I decided to make brownies with the little boys. They poured, mixed and stirred. I baked and then we went crazy with sprinkles. They each had one before bed. Sadly, our creation must be put under lock and key in fear the big one, my 16-year… Continue reading Brownies and the Big One

Fun Food and the Backyard Toilet

Having young kids has its advantages. When your husband makes a sheet pan full of fish sticks, mini corn dogs, with a side of tater tots and Mac and cheese - it takes you back to your childhood. And then your eight-year-old informs you that while you were at work today, your three-year-old pooped in… Continue reading Fun Food and the Backyard Toilet

Halloween Treats

If you are looking for an inexpensive but fun Halloween treat for teachers, co-workers, family or friends - this is for you. I made ten of these candy cones for $20! I bought the cone shaped bags on Amazon and the candy corn and M&Ms from Walgreens. Super easy and a sweet surprise for some… Continue reading Halloween Treats