Swim, Bike, Run? I like the Bike Best…so far.

Great ride this morning! It was sunny and 73 degrees. I rode a little over ten miles today and I am loving this cycling thing!

I am about eight weeks in to this training thing. I have determined that in the swim, bike, run line up the bike is my favorite. Other than the fact my bum may not agree (but that’s a whole lot better) I am really enjoying my time on the bike. However, it is important to remember I have bypassed that stupid hill I hate since I discovered the trail rides I’ve been doing. I also do not miss riding on the bumpy sidewalks or hoping no one was texting and driving near me. Pfffttt, what are the chance of that?

Today I pedaled along with SiriusXM’s The Bridge (CH. 32) this morning as I lip-synced my way through Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, Elton John, The Doobie Brothers, James Taylor and a few others. Hey, Vintage Mom, vintage music! A full hour to myself to sing along with the music I like, be in nature, get some exercise and all to come home to laundry and housework. Ah, the life of a fit mom and wife. Hee hee.

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