One October Saturday Down South

I was texting this morning with my BFF, Laura, who now lives in Virginia, where it is currently 47 degrees. Brrrrrr. It is a gorgeous Halloween day here in North Central Florida... As I milled about this morning, thanking my stars I live here and not somewhere it is in the 40s, it occurred to… Continue reading One October Saturday Down South

Guava and Goat Cheese Pastry

My dad passed away 20 years ago, yesterday. There used to be a Cuban sandwich shop here that made the most scrumptious guava and cream cheese pastries. I would buy them for him on occasion and he LOVED them. I wish I had made this for him. Start with a decadent puff pastry. I used… Continue reading Guava and Goat Cheese Pastry

Make Time for Homemade Family Dinner

Like many parents, I have the desire to make a good dinner for my kids, but not the time to do some fabulous creation. That would look great on social media but they probably wouldn't like some fancy cuisine anyway. So, I try to plan on the weekends for the upcoming week. Yes, I am… Continue reading Make Time for Homemade Family Dinner