How much equipment does a swimmer need?

It's swim day. I am overjoyed. I have some new things in my arsenal: a swim snorkel, ear plugs, and a nose clip. These items join my googles and swim cap, affectionately referred to as a shower cap by my husband. Hee hee. He's a funny guy. Because I am so tense and cannot get… Continue reading How much equipment does a swimmer need?

Running “Head Over Heels” at all times

Today's run took me around the University of Florida campus. This is a beautiful place to run on an early Saturday morning. It's quiet and there are very few of those young, energetic, non-wrinkled people walking around. If I did the same run during the week I would have to jog over to Psychology for… Continue reading Running “Head Over Heels” at all times

Sittin’ Pretty in My New Bike Shorts

I took this photo at the end of my ride. Do you know why I am smiling? Because I have a heavily padded, new pair of bike shorts on therefore I am feeling pretty good in the saddle! I am also wearing a happy face because I did not have to face the dreaded hill… Continue reading Sittin’ Pretty in My New Bike Shorts