Sittin’ Pretty in My New Bike Shorts

I took this photo at the end of my ride. Do you know why I am smiling? Because I have a heavily padded, new pair of bike shorts on therefore I am feeling pretty good in the saddle! I am also wearing a happy face because I did not have to face the dreaded hill… Continue reading Sittin’ Pretty in My New Bike Shorts

I don’t feel like swimming today.

9:00am 2/7/19: I had a great run yesterday as I completed a full mile run for the first time in this journey. That was awesome progress for me. Today is SWIM day and I simply do not feel like getting in that pool. Really. I have zero motivation to drive to the health club and… Continue reading I don’t feel like swimming today.

Running with the “Neutron Dance”

RUN day- over! That right hip was nagging a little to begin so I warmed up with a 1/4 mile walk. Then I ran an entire mile! Okay, I’m not breaking any land speed records and my run is everyone else’s jog but nevertheless I made it through the mile on the road! Thanks to… Continue reading Running with the “Neutron Dance”

Embrace the Hills?

Today was bike day and I increased my ride to seven miles. That is about half of what I expect to ride at my first sprint triathlon. I have not yet chosen which one I'm doing but I do expect it to take place in May or June. I ride from my house and I… Continue reading Embrace the Hills?

Time With One of My Sons

When you have multiple kids,  it's nice to get a little time with just one.  Riley had a mid-morning dentist appointment today, then rode with me on a few errands.  It was a beautiful day so we drove around town with the windows down loving the way the "wind blew (our) hair".  He wanted the… Continue reading Time With One of My Sons

Spiced Cupcakes with Apple Filling

I decided to get a little creative on my one cheat day. I wanted something sweet but with a an extra shot of wowzers! That lead me to make these delectable morsels of spice cake injected with apple pie filling and topped off with a cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Now I… Continue reading Spiced Cupcakes with Apple Filling

Counting Toddler

My sweet 27-month old is counting now from 1-10. He was lying down for a nap and I was trying to pretend I was already asleep. I was so surprised to hear him counting!! I feel like kids today learn so much faster!!! I would say "he is so smart" but then he would run… Continue reading Counting Toddler