On the road again…

First day back from vacay running? Check! It’s another beautiful day and 85 degrees. I am loving it!!

I wanted to ease back in so I alternated walking and running every quarter mile for 1.10 mile. I’ll build back up slowly to avoid injury, and frustration.

I had my faithful companion with me, Sirius XM 80’s channel so that always make the run/walk better. Crazy as it sounds, I lip sync the whole time which regulates my breathing. I also occasionally skip or dance. Hey, it breaks up the monotony of putting one foot in front of the other. I’m sure the passers by are entertained as well.

Today I was running to Prince’s “Kiss”.

“Don’t ya just love Prince”?

“More than life itself”.

Ha!! Love that movie, and Prince!

I was also listening to Huey Lewis’ “I want a new drug”. Yeah, me too…for my hot flashes. I’m sweating not only from the workout but I flash when I get home so it’s impossible to cool down!!!!

Okay, good restart today. Tomorrow is the dreaded swim. Ugh.

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