Sittin’ Pretty in My New Bike Shorts

I took this photo at the end of my ride. Do you know why I am smiling? Because I have a heavily padded, new pair of bike shorts on therefore I am feeling pretty good in the saddle! I am also wearing a happy face because I did not have to face the dreaded hill I wrote about in my last cycling post.

I had a really good ride today for a total of eight miles. My ride was especially great because it was on a Rails to Trails pass that took me through nature. No cars, no bumps.

Not to mention a great play list including Florida/Georgia line’s “Sittin’ Pretty”. I had my country on today for my ride through the country!! Far more low grade “hills” than expected which made for a productive ride. I felt so good I thought I’d go ten miles today but fate intervened when the trail went underwater just past mile four and I didn’t have my googles.

All in all, a really good day!!

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