How much equipment does a swimmer need?

It’s swim day. I am overjoyed. I have some new things in my arsenal: a swim snorkel, ear plugs, and a nose clip. These items join my googles and swim cap, affectionately referred to as a shower cap by my husband. Hee hee. He’s a funny guy.

Because I am so tense and cannot get that breathing thing down, I decided to try a swim snorkel. Maybe that would help me get used to my face being in the water and in turn, help me to relax. I can also work on the mechanics of the swim using the snorkel without dealing with the taking a breath part. It is a really sexy accessory too. Unlike a regular snorkel, this one straps on to your forehead and goes straight up the middle. I am like a man magnet while wearing that in combination with my googles, my nose clip, and my extra 20lbs. I also have ear plugs, so I don’t hear all the ooohhhhs and aaahhhhs that come along with my ensemble. It’s tough being me sometimes. Bwahahahahahahaha. Good thing I have an amazing husband.

Anyway, the snorkel definitely added a layer of comfort but I’m happy I had the nose clip. Otherwise, I would have drown. All went well for the first six laps. However, on my own for the last two laps I still struggled. Not only is the rhythm of breathing tough, but I take in a gallon of water on occasion, much like a hippopotamus but with less grace.

Just keep swimming, I tell myself.

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