We Only Look Like Grandparents to Other People

I think my husband is absolutely gorgeous and he likes me too. A lot. We’ve known each other since ninth grade so it doesn’t seem possible that we will turn 53 this year. Yes, we’re getting older but to each other I think we still see our younger selves. Others are clearly blind to our younger selves.

Today I made a batch of brownies for the boys, between doing their laundry. Hmmmm, there’s something wrong with this story already.

Anyway, I may not have yet accurately described Riley’s dislike for school. He’s the only kid I know who literally wakes up mad Monday through Friday. The first words out of his second grade mouth are, “I hate school” almost daily. Wow, this kid has a long road ahead of him. I picked Riley up from school today. As usual I asked, “How was your day at school”? His reply was a deadpan, “Great”. Like I didn’t already know that answer. I totally set myself up there. How ridiculous of me.

Riley went on to tell me that his friend Aaron saw me walking in to pick him up and asked Riley if I was his Grandma.

“Awesome”, I said.

“Do you really mean that Mom?”

“Well Riley, did you really mean your day was great?”


“Same thing. Not really awesome.”

Good thing I had brownies, for both of us.

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