I Run. Sort of.

It was run day. I had to go to the office and work a little first. Blah. However, when I was done there I was like a kid at recess time as I busted out the door to go for a run. Wha????

Whoa! That was me! Me? Clearly my body has been invaded by an alien.

No, not THAT kind of alien. The kind that makes me want to be a runner. That’s just weird. I may be hallucinating this whole ‘I want to run’ thing.

I live in a college town so there are lots of runners. There are especially a lot of young, beautiful girls who run like gazelles, seemingly effortlessly with their ponytails whipping around and their long strides. They don’t sweat, they sparkle.

Me on the other hand:

I was given advice a long time ago by a beautiful runner (hubby) that makes me feel better. He told me when going into an event, you should always “run YOUR race”. My race is slower than most but that is okay.

I increased my distance today to run a full mile and a half. I walked the first .15 mile, ran the next 1.5, and walked another .5 to cool down. I’m making progress in my training. The triathlon I’m training for has a 5k run (3.1 miles). I’m on track to be ready for that in June.

I’m changing up my training next week to add more pool time (ugh) and also put the swim and run part together to build endurance. We will see how that goes.

Music is a HUGE part of my life and my training. I e learned that I like to run to SiriusXM’s 80’s and I like to cycle to SiriusXM’s The Bridge. I wish I could listen to music while I swam. It would be a distraction to the silence in the pool except for the LOUD thoughts in my head of how much I suck at swimming laps.

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