I don’t feel like swimming today.

9:00am 2/7/19: I had a great run yesterday as I completed a full mile run for the first time in this journey. That was awesome progress for me. Today is SWIM day and I simply do not feel like getting in that pool. Really. I have zero motivation to drive to the health club and get in that dang pool only to be frustrated that I cannot find my breathing rhythm, and I cannot complete more than one full lap without stopping. I am now up to doing eight full laps but I have to stop for a few (or more) breaths in between each length of 25 yards. Progress in the pool has been super slow but I knew that going into this. However, I just don’t want to go today. This is one of those days where I just have to push through and get it done. Desire has no part in today at this moment. I just have to do it, but I. DO. NOT. WANT. TO.

10:30am 2/7/19: Back home. My son Taylor has gotten up at 6:00am each day this week so I can drive him to school for a 6:30am weight-lifting session for football. That guilted me enough to get off my rear end and go to the club. I cannot preach dedication and commitment to him and then be so lazy as to not get in my own workout.

Okay, I made it to the pool and I completed all eight laps. I even saw a wee bit of progress by the seventh and eighth laps. It’s so hard for me to settle in and relax. Every muscle in my body tenses up when I begin, I even catch myself biting down so hard I’m surprised I don’t break my teeth. I still rested between laps today but at least I did more complete laps today than the time before. There’s so much to remember and none of it is natural to me. It’s not that my body gets tired, it’s the damn breathing portion of this thing. It doesn’t help to see all the swimmers that are easily doing lap after lap with their graceful flip turns and endless supply of energy and willingness as they glide through the water. Yes, I’m painfully envious. However, I do find that when I relax and slow down everything feels better. Still, I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that swim day is over until Monday. I think I may need some coaching so I’ll be researching that part. Tomorrow is BIKE day. Join me? Okay, maybe just join me and read about it.

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