Embrace the Hills?

Today was bike day and I increased my ride to seven miles. That is about half of what I expect to ride at my first sprint triathlon. I have not yet chosen which one I’m doing but I do expect it to take place in May or June.

I ride from my house and I plot my route prior to riding. I live in the hilliest part of this town. Really, it’s unavoidable no matter which way I go. So, apparently I have to embrace the hills. Ha! I don’t love them. Ever.

I rode at 8:15am this morning. There’s a lot of traffic at that time so I stayed on the sidewalk. It is a rather bumpy ride but I feel safer. My bum would prefer I ride on the smooth rode. All went well, even the hills…until the last one which is less than a mile from my house. I hate that hill. Truly, hate. Dread it before I get to it and hate every second of the climb. However, I refuse to stop pedaling, I down shift and feel like I’m either going to puke or die, but I will NOT stop pedaling. My heart nearly beats out of my chest, I am completely out of breath but I make it once more. You’d think I would design a different route wouldn’t you? Anyone within that much hatred toward a stretch of road would, right? Not me, one day I will make it up that hill without that much drama. That day was not today, but I did log seven miles with lots of other, lesser hills and one big pain of a hill.

My right hip is showing some minor signs of wear but I think it may have been the result of an overzealous breaststroke yesterday during my warm up. It did not bother me on the ride, just when I got off! I’m on a heating pad now, not a great combo with hot flashes by the way. Tomorrow is run day so we will see how it goes.

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