Ride to Escape the Cesspool of Teenagerdum(b)

This momming thing sucks donkey butt sometimes. My first son is now fourteen. He is also severely ADHD. Right now WE are all battling his ADHD, immaturity, hyperactivity, hormones/puberty and anything else you care to throw in that toilet of teenagerdum(b). (Yes, I've decided Webster's words aren't accurate enough to convey my thoughts so I'm… Continue reading Ride to Escape the Cesspool of Teenagerdum(b)

Putting It All Together: Swim-Bike-Run

I am signed up for the TriGator Super Sprint that takes place in two weeks. Why? Because I'm crazy as hell apparently. The Super Sprint is a 250 meters swim, a 3.4 mile bike ride, and a 1.1 mile run. Totally doable. I think it will be a good prep for the sprint I am… Continue reading Putting It All Together: Swim-Bike-Run

Quiche on the Go

I am a lover of quiche for many reasons, but right now I'm especially loving the fact I am taking it to work with me! I'm trying to shed a few pounds and I'm also training for my first sprint triathlon; quiche is a great source of protein and I've made mine crustless (sad face)… Continue reading Quiche on the Go

I Run. Sort of.

It was run day. I had to go to the office and work a little first. Blah. However, when I was done there I was like a kid at recess time as I busted out the door to go for a run. Wha???? Whoa! That was me! Me? Clearly my body has been invaded by… Continue reading I Run. Sort of.

We Only Look Like Grandparents to Other People

I think my husband is absolutely gorgeous and he likes me too. A lot. We've known each other since ninth grade so it doesn't seem possible that we will turn 53 this year. Yes, we're getting older but to each other I think we still see our younger selves. Others are clearly blind to our… Continue reading We Only Look Like Grandparents to Other People

Swim, Bike, Run? I like the Bike Best…so far.

Great ride this morning! It was sunny and 73 degrees. I rode a little over ten miles today and I am loving this cycling thing! I am about eight weeks in to this training thing. I have determined that in the swim, bike, run line up the bike is my favorite. Other than the fact… Continue reading Swim, Bike, Run? I like the Bike Best…so far.

On the road again…

First day back from vacay running? Check! It's another beautiful day and 85 degrees. I am loving it!! I wanted to ease back in so I alternated walking and running every quarter mile for 1.10 mile. I'll build back up slowly to avoid injury, and frustration. I had my faithful companion with me, Sirius XM… Continue reading On the road again…