Running “Head Over Heels” at all times

Today's run took me around the University of Florida campus. This is a beautiful place to run on an early Saturday morning. It's quiet and there are very few of those young, energetic, non-wrinkled people walking around. If I did the same run during the week I would have to jog over to Psychology for… Continue reading Running “Head Over Heels” at all times

Sittin’ Pretty in My New Bike Shorts

I took this photo at the end of my ride. Do you know why I am smiling? Because I have a heavily padded, new pair of bike shorts on therefore I am feeling pretty good in the saddle! I am also wearing a happy face because I did not have to face the dreaded hill… Continue reading Sittin’ Pretty in My New Bike Shorts

I don’t feel like swimming today.

9:00am 2/7/19: I had a great run yesterday as I completed a full mile run for the first time in this journey. That was awesome progress for me. Today is SWIM day and I simply do not feel like getting in that pool. Really. I have zero motivation to drive to the health club and… Continue reading I don’t feel like swimming today.

Running with the “Neutron Dance”

RUN day- over! That right hip was nagging a little to begin so I warmed up with a 1/4 mile walk. Then I ran an entire mile! Okay, I’m not breaking any land speed records and my run is everyone else’s jog but nevertheless I made it through the mile on the road! Thanks to… Continue reading Running with the “Neutron Dance”

Embrace the Hills?

Today was bike day and I increased my ride to seven miles. That is about half of what I expect to ride at my first sprint triathlon. I have not yet chosen which one I'm doing but I do expect it to take place in May or June. I ride from my house and I… Continue reading Embrace the Hills?

Bike Seats Are A BUMmer

Today was “BIKE” day. I rode five miles and met up with a crap ton of hills. It never seems hilly around here until you’re on a bike. Now if feels like I live in the Swiss Alps. Alas, I'm truly making a mountain out of a mole hill in this case. I do live… Continue reading Bike Seats Are A BUMmer

My Journey to Better Health

I am now 27 months out from the birth of baby boy number three.  It's been a whirlwind between having a baby, caring for my other two boys (with my husband's help of course), keeping up with family obligations, and still managing business responsibilities.  My father-n-law passed away four months after Logan was born so I took on quite a… Continue reading My Journey to Better Health