Captain Climber Gets a Bed

DSC_1182 (2)My two year old, Logan, is an expert climber. The saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” is his M.O. especially if food is involved. There isn’t a pantry shelf around that will stand between him and a pack of fruit chews. He is also proficient at navigating bar stools, desk chairs, desks and tables, fences, changing tables, high chairs, and now he has mastered the crib climb. Although he is strong and talented enough to climb up things, getting down usually ends with a holler of “mommy hep” (help) or the alternative which ends in a thud.

Picture1As you can see, his landing is a bit rough, but greeted with giggles. 

DSC_1189 (2)Okay, it’s time for a big boy bed.  As we all know there are milestones in a child’s life. Their first smile, first crawl, first steps, and so on.  Some of these milestones I look forward to, like being fully potty trained and knowing how to swim.  I find those two monumental.  However, the freedom to get in and out of their bed, and into mine, is not a milestone I greet with any level of excitement but here we go again.  It’s my third and final change from crib to bed so I might as well buckle up and know I’m in for a ride. 

Let the transition begin!  First things first, the conversion from crib to toddler bed.  In my house, I do anything that involves tools.  I love Mark, my hunky husband, but, honestly, the man doesn’t know his way around a tool box, that’s my job.  This is an easy one anyway.  I removed the front of the crib, bolted on the support bar, put on the guard, and we are in the business of a big boy bed.  DSC_1207 (2)So what does Logan do first?  Test the springs of course! DSC_1227 (2)Great, I’ve gone from trying to save him from falling in his attempt to climb out of his crib, to giving him a trampoline. I feel like I’m not moving in the right direction for safety.

And so it begins. The first night in a big boy bed goes something like this: We read a story, we rock, I put him to bed.  He gets out.  I put him back into bed.  He gets back out.  I put him in and sit next to him with my head on the bed. He finally goes to sleep and I have to get up off the floor.  Ugh, this was easier when I was younger.

It’s 2:00a.m., guess who appears and makes their way between Mark and I? That’s right! The cutest, little, curly-headed, blonde boy you ever saw!  Old mommy is tired, nite-nite baby, yes you can have my pillow. 

Logan: 1; Big boy bed: 0

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