Making the “Nice” List?

Oh my goodness I am momming so hard right now. This is my seven-year-old son, Riley.  He is absolutely beautiful.  Although I do foresee waxing in his future. I mean, seriously? Those eyebrows are a-maz-ing! His eye lashes are about a mile long and, as you can see, he has gorgeous hazel eyes, but be… Continue reading Making the “Nice” List?

Captain Climber Gets a Bed

My two year old, Logan, is an expert climber. The saying, "where there's a will, there's a way" is his M.O. especially if food is involved. There isn't a pantry shelf around that will stand between him and a pack of fruit chews. He is also proficient at navigating bar stools, desk chairs, desks and… Continue reading Captain Climber Gets a Bed

I’m the mommy, not the grandma.

Me and my two little ones.  Having babies later in life is a blessing, of sorts.  I would have been a terrible young mother. Truth be told, when I was young I was self-absorbed, putting myself through college, waiting tables and partying my, very much smaller then, tail off.  No time for babies, or true… Continue reading I’m the mommy, not the grandma.

Sweet Baby = No Sleep

Need. More. Coffee. Truth be told, he's not a baby anymore, he's two.   He's not even a terrible two, but I'm certain that will come.  As moms know, anytime you have a little one a good night's sleep is sometimes just a bonus.  I don't get many bonuses.  My sister-in-law is a year younger than… Continue reading Sweet Baby = No Sleep