Packing School Lunches – Welcome to the Bento Way

I had the same school lunch every day throughout the entire decade of the 70’s: a sandwich of deli meat or PB&J, a small bag of chips, a Little Debbie variety, and I had to drink that awful school milk which was never cold enough. Ever. My only complaint (which I never voiced) was that my mom cut my sandwich down the middle rather than diagonally. Bugged the crap outta me but I never told her. Yes, I cut on the diagonal, never down the middle but that’s on the rare occasion I make a simple sandwich for my boys lunches.

My oldest got the same as I did as a kid. My second son, however, changed everything about how I pack lunch. Riley is a picky eater but does like a variety. I started packing a lot of different things for him to choose from and eventually discovered the Bento way. I purchase the lunchboxes on Amazon and I buy two different sizes. This is what I get for Riley who is in elementary school and here is the one I get for my toddler. They are the perfect sizes for each of them.

Here’s some of the lunches I prepare for them but you can do just about anything!

Toddler Bento Lunches

Uncrustables PB&J, Cheez-Its, Raspberries, Yogurt Melts, and Teddy Grams
Hot Dogs, Banana Mini Muffins, Blackberries, Mozzarella Cheese Stick (cut up), and Fruit Chews
Meatballs, White Cheddar Cheez-Its, Grapes, Colby Jack Cheese, and Fruit Chews
Turkey & American Cheese Roll-Ups, Strawberries, BBQ Chips, Yougurt Melts, PB Cookies, & Smoothie
Peanut Butter on Sweet Rolls, Cheetos, Apples/Raspberries, Cookies, Fruit Chews, and Smoothie.

Elementary Bento Lunches

Turley & Cheese Sandwiches, Strawberries, Cheese Puffs, Dipped Chewy Bar, and Fruit Chews
Turkey and Cheese Roll Ups, Cheese Stick, Yogurt, Apples, and BBQ Chips
Hot Dogs, Ketchup, Grapes, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Berry Fruit & Grain Bar, Cheese Stick, and Apple Sauce
PB&J Uncrustable, Strawberries, Popables, Chookies, and Fruit & Grain Bar.
Meatballs, Ketchup, Mandarin Orange, Yogurt, Cookies, Cheese Stick and Cookies.

The school year is about to start! Have fun y’all!

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