One October Saturday Down South

I was texting this morning with my BFF, Laura,

who now lives in Virginia, where it is currently 47 degrees. Brrrrrr. It is a gorgeous Halloween day here in North Central Florida…

As I milled about this morning, thanking my stars I live here and not somewhere it is in the 40s, it occurred to me how truly deep my southern roots run. In preparation for tonight’s SEC match-up –

I am making Southern Pimento Cheese upon my sweet husband’s request.

I am slow cooking BBQ Ribs for my boys.

Sloooooow cooked for hours

And there are two pots of boiled peanuts in process. Why two pots? My husband likes a ton of salt and cooks his on the stove top. I retain enough water without adding extra salt

so I throw mine in the crock pot and let them cook all day with a dash of hot sauce. We both agree on a ham hock for flavor, yes, I am fully aware of the salt contents of a smoked ham hock. I said I didn’t ADD EXTRA salt. I can justify just about anything.

Crock Pot Boiled Peanuts

We will be ready for kick off at 7:30pm with delicious treats for all! Happy Halloween!

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