Bike Seats Are A BUMmer

Today was “BIKE” day. I rode five miles and met up with a crap ton of hills. It never seems hilly around here until you’re on a bike. Now if feels like I live in the Swiss Alps.

Alas, I’m truly making a mountain out of a mole hill in this case. I do live Florida after all!!! This is not the land of peaks and valleys. Drama mom.

After two other rides and my “Intro to Spin Cycle” prior to today, my bum is bruised. Honestly, have you seen the size of a bike seat? Comparatively speaking, my bum and those seats are not a match made in heaven.

I bought a gel seat cover yesterday. That helped a LOT. Rumor has it I’ll get used to the regular seat but until then, I’m hitched to my seat cover.

Tomorrow is my REST day. So excited about that but right now it is wine thirty. Cheers!

#VintageMomSouth #Pedaltilyoupuke #Bikemom #triathlonbeginner #momblogger

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