The Wonderful, Bumpy Road of Life

Vintage Mom South

If you are looking for a talented chef, a fancified crafter, the ultimate green thumb and/or the perfect parent you are definitely in the wrong place. If you are interested in having a glimpse into the life of an old mommy with a lot of different interests, you have found the right place!

I married my ninth grade crush (decades after that), and we had three sons in three different decades of our lives: 30’s, 40’s, and yes, our third arrived when we turned 50.  So with three young sons, a husband I adore, and two little, male dogs, I’m just trying to keep my sanity in my #outnumbered world. 

I love to make things to keep and to give, try new recipes and remake old ones, and I do my best at gardening all while learning as I go as a mom raising kids later in life.  I make a lot of mistakes, in all areas, but occasionally I have some success.  Join me on my wonderful, yet bumpy road; I promise, there is never a dull moment.  Unfortunately.

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