Kids, Baseball, and Adults Behaving Badly

My kids are incredibly competitive. And yes, they are their worst enemy and have truly crappy attitudes at times. They don’t want a trophy for participating. They want to be the best and win. However, it is painfully inappropriate for an adult to yell out to my seven year old (playing catcher) who is having a small, frustrated moment because his teammate made a really bad throw or because he didn’t make the tag at home (and they are getting their butts kicked). He never heard their comment about his bad attitude but I did. I could have reminded that adult that her player hasn’t made one single play all season and has hit the ball no more than twice the entire season. Do you hear anyone yelling at her for her lack of skills? Nope. She’s trying. She’s doing her best. Sometimes that is all they can do and when you’re on an 8U, city league team that’s okay. This idiot of a human being got no more than an extremely pointed glare from me tonight. Next time I may not be so kind but I will try. They are 7-8 years old. They are learning, and they have a great coach who can clearly handle all types of skill levels, “passion” and personalities. Leave my kid alone. Seriously.

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