Who is Vintage Mom South?

I live in my hometown in North Florida with my husband and three sons. I’ve been here all my life other than a four year stint after graduation. So before you get visions of palm trees swaying in my yard, and the smell of salty air from the Florida coastline, I have to tell you I do not live on, or near, a beach but I do visit regularly.  It’s roughly 75 minutes to either the east or west coast of Florida from my front door.

I am a late bloomer.  I graduated from college late.  I got married late and I had three sons, super late.  My oldest is 14, the second is 7, and my caboose is 2.  My childbearing train has left the station never to return.  I had my third son a month after my 50th birthday!  Trust me when I tell you he was a gigantic surprise!  I tell you that story later.

I worked in advertising/marketing after college but when I came back home I started what became a new career in hotel sales.  I left that industry three years ago to become a full time mom and wife.  Then came that sweet baby!  Now I work with my husband at his office and I am still a full time mom, taxi driver, housekeeper, gardener, coach, teacher, and whatever else I need to be when call upon.  I’m also an awesome wife.  🙂

I live with four male humans and two male dogs,  I craft and cook as often as possible.  It is my escape from the madness of testosterone that fill my home.  Out of a gazillion channels, we watch three: ESPN, Disney Jr., and Hallmark.  Guess which one is mine.

I can’t say there’s anything special about our family or me but apparently having a baby at 50 interests some and there is a wonderful kinship in crafting and sharing.  That’s the reason from my blog.  I have friends all over that I want to share things with and maybe share a little entertainment and insight on life as I know it with people I haven’t met yet.  Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again soon!

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